The girl with the rainbow eyes

Have you ever stopped and looked upon the wall,

Seen a piece of artwork and begun to fall?

Fallen into the colour so hypnotic and tranquil,

Immersed in a new world, of no rules or boundaries?


Your body feels weightless, as you start to explore,

There is no end to such beauty, nor time to be idle or bored.

Cradled in a magic twine which keeps you in an ambient warmth,

Your clothes made from the finest silk, hand threaded by singing stalks.


Such amazement and ore, wonder and glee,

Fill your young and fruitful eyes, as you witness this fantasy,

Are you part of a game, or just here for the ride?

Will you ever return to the world you once knew outside?


The girl with the rainbow eyes,

So tired of the same green and grey pin striped school ties,

Bored of the grey walls that line the house,

Bored of the same grey sky, and the little grey house mouse.


Bored of the same boring bricks and the same boring windows,

Bored of the colourless town and boring people,

Bored of the rain that washes a newly drawn hopscotch away,

Bored of the children, who don’t sing or play,

Praying one day the grey will fade, and be immersed in the colour,

Which was cruelly taken away.


It was a normal day, when she noticed the painting lying up against the wall,

Not a sign of grey, but a wondrous colourful storm,

Vibrant blues and pinks and swirls of black,

This abstract tapestry couldn’t hold her back.


Deep within the attic, it had been whispering out her name,

Until that day she found it, hidden away.

Mesmerised for a second, but then she started to fall,

Almost like a dream, she drifted off, when she hung it upon the wall.

The girl with the rainbow eyes would be able to see once more,

And here her story begins, and together we explore.


Β© Jasmin Elizabeth 2018


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